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Welcome to Beautiful Minds, a brand new blogger-led campaign aiming to educate and beat the stigma surrounding mental health.

The campaign is in its infancy and I'd love for absolutely anyone and everyone to get onboard! The vision is that we as bloggers can do our bit to learn about and educate others about mental health related issues, as well as sharing our personal experiences should we have any, first hand or otherwise.

To start off the campaign, I'm looking for people to write a posts on their blog about any of the topics listed below. It doesn't matter if you know anything at all about the topic at first, the idea is, to educate yourself and then to educate others. Any blogger that joins the campaign will be linked below and a link to their post will be tweeted to spread the word. Once we've grown our community, the possibilities are endless!

The topics are:

Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorders
Losing a Loved One
My Own Mental Health Struggles
Mental Health and Beauty
Mental Health and Celebrities
Top Tips for a Healthier Mind
How to Help a Friend in Need

The first thing to do is to add a Beautiful Minds button to your blog. That will link back to this page so that other people can find out how to get involved! The code is at the bottom of this very page! Even if you don't want to make a post, adding a button to your blog can help us to spread the word, though making a post would be an amazing thing for you to do!

Anyone can pick any number of the topics to post about, in multiple posts or one really long one! Once you have chosen your topic / topics, get writing! Personal experience is great to include but not necessary if you don't have any or feel uncomfortable sharing in detail at this stage. Once you have published your post, either tweet the link to @bmcampaign or if you don't have twitter, email the link to me at and it will get promoted.

After you have successfully published your first Beautiful Minds post, first off, congratulate yourself! You've done an amazing thing! Have a cup of tea! Secondly, make sure you spread the word via your social media. After your first post, you are free to chose any mental health related topic you want to post about. Anything in the world! Once it is up, again, tweet / email the link. You know the drill!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me at Even if you just want to have a chat! I can't wait to get this off of the ground so that we can start making a difference!

Make sure you grab a lovely button for your blog!

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