Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Vintage and Vintage-style Dress For Sale!

Hello my lovelies! So yesterday as you know I found some things I had forgotten I owned, and now I'm finally getting round to attempting to sell a couple of items which I love but no longer get any wear out of. I thought I'd start by putting them on my blog to avoid any hassle of using ebay or whatnot.

I adore these dresses but unfortunately haven't worn them very much and so they need a new home!

The first dress is this lovely blue and floral one that I got from a vintage fair a few years ago. I fell in love with it at the time and it is still as gorgeous now! It has a lovely silky body and a heavier floral patterned skirt. It is elasticated at the waist and I'd say it would fit a size 10-14. It is super comfortable and would be perfect for the summer time with a cute pair of shoes and maybe some flowers in your hair!

vintage dress for sale

vintage dress for sale

The next dress isn't vintage but it certainly has a vintage style to it. Again, I love this dress, it is so different and would be great for any time of year!

vintage dress for sale

vintage dress for sale

It buttons from just below the waist right up to the collar. The collar even has a cute little bow. The skirt has an amazing print on it, look at those birds! It is super cute and very comfortable. It says it is as size 14 however I personally think it would be a more comfortable fit for a size 12.

I am looking for around £12 for each dress (open to offers), plus £3 postage in the UK. If you are interested, or would like further info, either comment below or drop me an email at

They are both really lovely dresses and I'm only selling them to make room in my wardrobe and as I could do with the extra money!

Hope you have a lovely day!

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  1. I love the blue top and the printed skirt :)
    Have a great day!