Friday, 7 March 2014

March Feature: "#FashionStudentProblems"

"I don't DO fashion, I AM fashion" - Coco Chanel

Fashion emerges from so many places and I'm always interested in supporting and sharing  new talent. When I was contacted by the lovely Stacie from Plymouth College of Art, I was very excited to be able to help her out. You see, the BA (Hons) Fashion students at PCA need our help! And fast!

Every year, the graduating fashion students from PCA showcase all of their hard work in one final event, The Graduate Fashion Show! This is set to be an amazing night, which will be held in May 2014. Well, hopefully! See, this is where we come in. The fashion show is likely to cost a whopping £17,000 (no wonder it's going to be good!) but the graduating students have to raise some of this money themselves! Daunting right?! I'm a student myself, and I'm sure that lots of you are, or once were, too. Can you imagine if the recognition of your work rested on being able to raise enough money? I sure would have given up! But these students are working tirelessly to push their campaign, and are putting some of their faith in the blogging community. So, can we help them raise some of those much needed funds?

The fashion department at Plymouth College of Art has recently been awarded membership by the British Fashion Council, reflecting on the quality of the work that they produce! Let's show this talented bunch what a supportive community we are by getting involved! The main way of getting on board is to head on over to their Kick Starter page! It's right here!

You can give as little as £1 and if you feel a little more generous, they'll even send you some goodies to say a huge thank you! 

If giving money isn't something you can do, never fear! They understand! But what would be amazing is if you could share either this post, or their Kick Starter page via social media, to help get the word about! 

Click here to Tweet about the campaign right now!
Tweet: Please help the PCA Fashion BA(Hons) Students! Their fashion show is in your hands! #fbloggers

Finally, if you are local to Plymouth, or even if you are further afield, the BA(Hons) Fashion students would love for you to join them on the 28th May 2014 to see what your support has made possible! 

I hope our little part of the fashion community can be as supportive as possible, it would mean the world to these guys! 

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  1. This is such a great post. I am going to support their kickstarter campaign because of you! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even know about this!

    Have a great day, dear :)


    1. Aww that's fantastic! A big thank you from me and most of all from them! Glad you liked the post and hope you have a super fab day too :) xx