Sunday, 23 March 2014

Advertise your Blog for Free with The Pretty Possessive!

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all well on this not so lovely Sunday! 

I'm so excited to tell you all that I'm going to be offering completely free advertising right here on my blog, starting from April! I've wanted to do this for a while and now I've finally got round to it! 

What will you get?

I'll be offering 5 advertising spaces  per month on the main page of my blog for your lovely blogs! 

Not only will you have your advertising space, all of my monthly advertisers will be introduced on Twitter,  get a #FF on Twitter each week, and also have one of their posts promoted during the month! 

Sound good?

If that sounds good to you, and you want to get in on the action, there are a couple of things you need to do first! 

First of all, you need to make sure you are following my blog on Bloglovin' and GFC
Ok, next you need to follow me on Twitter (@PP_Sian). 
Done all of that? Great! Now you just need to register your interest by either commenting below (helps if you leave an email address) or by dropping me an email with details of your blog at . 

Once I've picked the 5 blogs for April, I'll get in touch with you and tell you exactly what I need! Don't worry if you don't get picked for April, you'll just get bumped forward to May and the coming months!

Can't wait to hear from everyone that wants to get involved! 


  1. *waves hands about frantically* Oh me, me, pick meeee! :)
    Helloooo my lovely, I'd absolutely adore to get involved, your blog's fantastic and so are you! Anyways, hope you're having a brilliant weekend so far <3

    Claire xo (yes, cringe central I know baha)

  2. thank you for the opportunity! I'm thinking of doing the same aswell as there are so many blogs that deserve more followers!

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  3. Hi Lovely, I would love to get involved, it's a brilliant idea and you're so kind for offering it completely for free. Hope you have a nice day :) x

    ~ :)

  4. Hi lovely, what a thoughtful idea! I would love to be picked for April! Hope you're having a lovely day! Alice xx

  5. Hi lovely what a fab idea :)
    I'm definitely interested :)


  6. Such a very good idea, your blog is lovely :) Would you like to follow each other, I need to make some blogger friends! hehe, if you decide to, please follow my blog and leave a comment so I can follow your blog too :) Eleanor x

  7. Great opportunity! I'm definitely interested! &