Saturday, 1 February 2014

Teeny Tiny ROMWE Haul

The postman brought me a parcel today and it was my ROMWE order! I'd forgotten all about it because I ordered it before I even came back to university. Anyway I thought I'd do a very quick post showing you what I go.

I only ordered two things, so it really is a tiny haul! 

Firstly I got a dress. Now, I use the word dress in the loosest sense of the word! I thought I was ordering a dress but on me, it's nothing more than a slightly long top and I'm only 5' 5'' at most. Maybe it's because I have a bum, I don't know. But anyway, I'm far too lazy to send it back, plus it's really cute, so I've paired it with a little black bodycon skirt and my chelsea boots, both from Newlook. 

Accessorised with my Infinity Necklace from Charmed Ivy
 The other thing I got is a shirt. I love shirts because you can wear them in loads of different ways and I thought this one was really quite eye catching! I love the floral print down the sides and it's just really different.

Wearing with my favourite Boohoo slip dress
This was my first ever ROMWE order and over all I'm fairly happy. The "dress" was disappointing but I love the collar and the sleeve cuffs and I think it still looks quite cute. Both items came packaged well, in plastic zippy bags, and both feel as if they are quite good quality.

I'd love to hear what you think of what I got, and also how you would wear them!

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