Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Zara Sale! (I've gone Jumper Crazy!)

So yesterday I went into the city and couldn't resist having a nose around in the Zara sale. I used to have a bit of a Zara obsession but I've not been in there for a while. Uhhh! So many jumpers! I've gone a little bit jumper-mad since I got a fluffy jumper for Christmas but I was good and managed to limit myself to my favourite three...

The first one is this sort of floral faded neon jumper. It's not very thick, but you could definitely wear something under it, even just a vest top.

It's super soft and lovely. I got it in a size Medium and it was £5.99, down from £17.99!

Next I saw this nice loose knit jumper with pinks, blues and yellowy colours in it. This one is nice and baggy and super comfy. You definitely need a little vest top under it though, as it is quite see-through!

Again this is a size Medium and I picked it up for £9.99.

Last but definitely not least is this amazing grey sparkly jumper with jewels round the collar area. I am so in love with this one! I saw this back when it was full price but couldn't justify spending £39.99 on something that could just get ruined (I'm a bit worried about the jewel-y bits coming off!) It's a little bit big for me, as they only had it in a size Large, but I like it baggy. The pictures really do not do it justice (I'm using my MacBook's webcam for the time being so I apologise for the picture quality!). It has a wonderful sparkle to it, but it's not too "in-your-face".

I got it for £15.99 which was a complete bargain considering its original price!

All in all, I had a fruitful time in Zara and I managed not to go too crazy! If I'm honest, jumpers don't exactly flatter my figure but to be honest, I don't really care! If I like it, I'll wear it!

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  1. Love the grey jumper!