Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Small Adventures #1

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, or saw my OOTD post, I spent Monday and Tuesday with my lovely boyfriend. Unfortunately we go to different universities (he's down on the south coast of England whilst I'm all the way up in Scotland) so when we are back home, we try to make as much time for each other as we can.

On Monday he met me off of the train and we went for a gourmet lunch in Morrison's supermarket (we know how to live!). Then we got the bus back to his house where we vegetated for the rest of the day! I played with his gorgeous doggies who I love to bits, and I even got to feed his chickens (I must take photos of his animals next time!) Monday evening we just chilled some more and watched a couple of films, The Watch and 21 Jump Street, both of which I'd never seen before because I suck at seeing films!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I managed eventually to drag him out of the house and into the city because I wanted to take him out for lunch / dinner and also do some shopping of course! I'm a bit late to the party on this one but I wanted to get a Babyliss Big Hair styler. I've wanted one for ages but since I had my hair cut short, and it has decided it wants to flick out at the back (no amount of straightening can cure it!) my want turned into a need. All of the reviews say how magical it is, I mean, even the Daily Mail loved it *cough*. So I dragged my boyfriend to Argos so I could get in on the fun! 

I also managed to go to Boots because I wanted some new nail polish. Ok so I have hundreds already, but you can never have enough, right?

L'oreal confettis, barry m, pastel nail polish

I've been eyeing up the new L'oreal Confettis top coat and decided to grab one. I then had a little peruse of the Barry M polishes. I must admit, I went off of Barry M for a while, though I can't really remember why. I decided to try again with them and I got Berry Lilac (middle) and Peach Melba (right). 

After shopping (we did go to lots of shops that my boyfriend wanted to look in, I promise!) we headed for something to eat. We went to Coast to Coast, which has only been open here for a couple of months and I'd never been before. We both ordered the same thing, the Coast to Coast Double Burger (bf told me what I HAD to try!) and oh holy lord, I have never had a more phenomenal burger in my entire life! And I finished it all!
Coast to coast, double burger, fries, pulled pork

You might think that after that I'd have had no room for dessert but my friend, how wrong you are! I had a peanut butter cheese cake which was amazing and I tried some of my boyfriend's pecan pie which was even better!

Basically dinner was AMAZING and if you've never been you really should check out this menu!

After all that food it was time to get the train home. Saying goodbye was really quite horrible because we aren't sure if we are going to be able to see each other again before he goes back to uni on Saturday. Even so, we had a lovely couple of days together, so smiles all round :) 

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