Monday, 20 January 2014 - My experience and a new t-shirt!

I was looking for some "geeky" t-shirts to buy as gifts for my little brother and also my boyfriend for christmas. Searching the internet, I stumbled across and I was very impressed by the huge quantity of different designs they have. Redbubble is a site that users can submit their designs to, and other people can purchase the designs on a t-shirt, hoody, phone cover, etc. It's a really great idea and means that artists can get their work out there without having to print these things themselves.

Anyhow, I found a great Star Trek t-shirt for my boyfriend, and one to do with the game Minecraft for my younger brother. I ordered the t-shirts in plenty of time before christmas, but they didn't arrive at my university address before I had to leave to come home (sad face!). My guess is as they were coming from the US they got caught up at customs. I emailed the lovely people at Redbubble and told them what had happened. I explained that it had been far more than the 15 working days that they say that you should expect it to take to arrive, and they gave me a voucher code for the full amount of the purchase, so that I could re-order! I've not gone back to uni yet, so I'm not sure if the original order ever arrived, but I'm really hoping it did!

I let my brother choose himself a new t-shirt, and when I explained the situation to my boyfriend, he told me that he wanted me to order myself something instead of getting something else for him (so sweet he is!). I found it quite difficult to choose something for myself but I eventually found a design I liked. I was obsessed with the TV show Hannibal that was on recently (and I can't wait for the second season!) and I found a print based on it.

Hannibal, t-shirt, redbubble

redbubble, hannibal, this is my design, nbc

It's a really good quality t-shirt (they use American Apparel). One thing I will say is that I bought a girly fit t-shirt, but I wanted it to be baggy. I thought that ordering it in extra large would mean that it would have the desired bagginess whilst still being a nice shape. However as you can see, it's not very baggy at all! I'm a size 12 and whilst, yes, I am still rocking the christmas belly, I'd still have expected an extra large anything to be too big!

hannibal, forever 21, leather jacket, next jeans
Wearing with my Forever 21 Leather-Look Jacket and my grey Next skinny jeans
Overall, I'm impressed by Redbubble, and by their customer services team who responded to me very quickly. The print was designed by HardlyQuinn, and you can check them out here!

I'm not a massive t-shirt wearer but this will be great for wearing casually and when I'm in the lab at university (when am I not in the lab!?).

Let me know what you think!


  1. LOVE that t-shirt! Will be looking to order something from here now haha! xxx

    1. Such a great site! You should definitely check it out! Good luck though, you might be on there for days!!!! :) xx

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